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Learning updates for April 2024
Profile page, quiz shuffle, certified participants, and more.


Jannat Patel


May, 1 2024



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Profile Page

The app has a brand new profile page, you can access it from the top left corner of the app where the logo is. On this page, you can add information like your name, a headline to indicate your current status, and a detailed bio so people can know more about you. You can also update your profile and cover image. If you have received certificates then the page also lists your certifications. Clicking on the card redirects you to your certificate.

If you are a Moderator you see the Roles section from where you can manipulate the roles of the user. If you are an Evaluator, then from the evaluations section you can add all the slots on which you are available. Participants would then schedule evaluations on these slots.

Also, if suppose you would be on leave for a particular week, then in the unavailability section you can set the dates on which you are unavailable. So when a participant tries to schedule an evaluation between these dates, they would be notified about your unavailability and would be asked to select a later date. You can also sync your Google calendar from here itself.

Quiz Shuffle

This was a much-requested feature. You can now configure to shuffle the quiz. If this setting is enabled, then the order of the questions will be different on each attempt.

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Certified Participants

This page existed in the older version and now I have added it to the new version as well. All participants who have been certified will be listed on this page along with all their certification names. You can also search by participant name on this page.


You can now have your branding on your learning system. The logo you set in the website setting and the name you set as the app name will be picked to be displayed over the sidebar of the app.

New Courses

To make the new courses that are being published more discoverable, there will now be a New tab beside the Live tab. You can now add a Published On date for your course. All courses that were published three months from the current date will be visible in the New section.

Other Minor Additions

  1. Assignments have been added to batches in the new version. It works the same way as it did for the previous version.
  2. Code block has been added to the lesson editor to make it easier to add code snippets to lessons.
  3. In the previous version, certificates used to have a page of their own. This page does not exist in the new version. All certificates will now directly open as PDFs on your browser.

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Jannat Patel


May, 1 2024


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Paul Mugambi


3 days


Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


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5 days


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