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Grow with Frappe Cloud and Marketplace
Frappe Cloud Marketplace is shaping up now and we want you to be part of the growth! Let's grow together.


Hussain Nagaria


Jul, 25 2022



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Two birds, one stone. That's how I think of any Marketplace and Frappe Cloud Marketplace (FC Marketplace) is no different. The users get a ready-made solution to their problem and the publishers either get popular or make a successful business out of it or both! It is a win-win for everyone!

Let me get straight to the point: FC Marketplace is shaping up now and we want you to be part of the growth!. If you are a developer, we think it is a high time to get started on Marketplace and the magical growth opportunities the publishers have in the Frappe Cloud ecosystem.

Over the past few months, we have been quietly adding new features to the marketplace. Here are some of them:

Introducing Paid Apps

For a few months now, we have been beta testing our paid apps feature with the first batch of apps: POSAwesome, ICICI Bank Integration and Tanzania Customizations. The beta has been a success. Now, you can create pricing plans for your app directly from the dashboard:

Create Pricing Plans Page

Edit Pricing Plan Dialog

You can just open the Pricing tab in your app dashboard and start creating plans! Currently, you can create a maximum of 3 plans with a monthly recurring fee. We are working on prepaid and one-time free type of plans, let me know if you want this type of pricing plan for your app and we can get it done faster ;).

How will I get paid?

Good question. You can either take payout as Cash or Frappe Cloud credits. If you want to take a cash payout, just let us know what Payment method suits you and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

How much cut are you keeping?

Again, nice one. No cut until you make your first $500! After that it's a straight 80-20 split. You get to keep 80% of what your app makes minus the payment gateway charges.

Introducing User Reviews

Knowing what the users think about their app is valuable for any publisher. It gives them an idea about what they are doing right and what can be improved. It also helps other potential users to make a decision. So, introducing reviews in FC Marketplace:

Marketplace User Reviews

Now, anyone can leave a review for a Marketplace app along with a star rating which is then summarized below the app's marketplace web page.

Subscription Dashboard

When you list paid app plans on Marketplace, you would definitely want to know who has subscribed to those plans and how to contact them. Just navigate to the Subscriptions tab in your app dashboard and you will be presented with a nice table that summarizes your app's subscriptions.

We are now 50 apps strong!

We have hit 50 apps on Frappe Cloud Marketplace! I am really happy about it, but we are just getting started.

Some new and noteworthy apps from FC Marketplace:

  1. WhatsApp Integration: A Frappe App that integrates with the WhatsApp Business Cloud API and makes it easier to send WhatsApp notifications from your instance.

  2. WATI Integration: Integration for, a Customer Engagement platform for WhatsApp.

  3. IndiaMART Integration: Sync leads from your IndiaMART account and save time by reducing manual entries.

  4. Law Management: Manage lawyers, clients, matters (cases), trials and its invoicing.

  5. KF City 2: Facilitates the needs of an organisation like managing and maintaining records of the Assets, issues or complaints and on-site visitors.

The Opportunities, The Journey and The Dreams

With nearly 5000 active sites and more than 1500 customers, and growing, Frappe Cloud is the largest platform to reach Frappe users. This doesn't stop at Marketplace, with the introduction of Frappe Cloud's SaaS platform, now anyone can build their own SaaS products with ease. We will manage hosting, payments, etc. you can just focus on solving problems.

We want everyone to grow, whether it be our customers, partners or publishers. Don't take my word for it, give it a try or feel free to ask anyone who is already doing it. While offering apps on Marketplace, if you come across a generic problem you can solve and build a SaaS offering, it has never been easier.

I would personally recommend you to read about Rob Walling's Stair Step approach. The Frappe Cloud platform has the steps, you just need to start and stay persistent. We are here to help at every step you take.

Introducing Office Hours

To emphasize our support for the publisher/developer community, we are introducing 1-on-1 Wednesdays. I will be available for a live 1-on-1 session every wednesday (2-5PM IST). To schedule a call, just drop an email at with your preferred timing and we will arrange a call.

We want to hear from You

Feels like a lot, right? But, we are just getting started. Needless to say, feel free to drop me an email or ping me on TG (@NagariaHussain). In Fact you can email anyone in the Frappe Cloud team. We will be more than happy to help you get started and listen to any type of queries you might have. Let's make Frappe Cloud Marketplace awesome, together.

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Hussain Nagaria


Jul, 25 2022


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Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


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