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Why you should attend the ERPNext Conference 2019
Explore open-source ERP software that will force you to rethink your business strategy.


Jai Chavan


Aug, 15 2019



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Snapshot from ERPNext Conference 2018

With innovation and security ranking among the top benefits of open-source software, more businesses are adopting it across various verticals such as Service industry, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Healthcare. This conference is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how ERPNext is raging forward the ERP industry, proving that open-source shouldn’t be hard to get into.

In the era of cloud ERPs, ERPNext poses as a simple and innovative solution which can be customized to fit business requirements, no matter what the niche is. The ERPNext Conference is an annual event which serves as a venue for highlighting the experiences of community members and best practices around ERPNext.

Here are 4 reasons why open-source ERP enthusiasts should attend this year’s conference:

1. One for All and All for One

Over a period of 4 days, an attendee can expand the reach of their business networks by face-to-face interactions with the ERPNext product experts, user community, service providers who have implemented the solution. From gaining a glimpse into the working of the product to resolving queries and doubts, this conference poses as an excellent platform for attendees and the result is an elevated experience throughout. The qualitative monitoring of the content demonstrated during presentations ensures that attendees are exposed to interactive sessions that guarantee deeper learning.

Being multi-faceted in nature, the conference offers value for any business professional attending the event. There are separate tracks for developers, executives, business leaders, and IT management teams. World-class keynotes from members of the community, service providers, and finally, the end-users who chose to embark on their business journey with ERPNext.

2. Experience high-class technology

With sessions addressing various aspects of the ecosystem, you can gain insights on the growth of the product. As an attendee, you are exposed to how implementations of varying latitudes, feature developments, etc. can be delivered effortlessly with ERPNext, simply by embracing the power of the underlying framework.

Since the inception of ERPNext, it has been open-source, and the maturity of the product has improved over 10 years. Built on metadata modelling architecture, it is easier to build new apps on top of ERPNext as per requirements. Insights of these technology innovations are deemed useful when it is specific to attendee’s industry.

These discussions can eventually become the basis of ‘that’ digital transformation you seek for your business. The developers can sync-in with the technology trends, while business leaders can engage with other industry influencers to better understand emerging obstacles and how to cater them with a sustainable TCO along with ERPNext.

3. Multiple industries tapped

The conference is marked with the presence of influencers from multiple industry sectors such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare, services, and so on. Adopted by thousands of businesses worldwide, ERPNext has evolved to serve various industries flawlessly.

Talks based on industrial segments are particularly popular, so participants can engage in discussions. Such knowledge sharing is what makes communities stronger. Developing and scaling an open-source project is a responsibility that may weigh down a single contributor, but enthralling community support and engagement can ensure we stay focused on our path and reap the benefits together.

4. Networking

Post interactions with the community, you will leave the conference with recognition for your contributions. This year, we also have the Exhibit Program wherein service providers of the community can showcase their offerings to the end-users. The paramount of opportunities this brings in for you are increased connections with key leaders of the community ranging from top-class executives to professionals with capabilities from development to consulting, (expansion of professional network) and end-users (increased market share).

Don’t lose the chance to experience the ERPNext Conference, as the product becomes enterprise-ready, making it an open-source alternative to proprietary systems with minimal cost of ownership, thus ascertaining our goal of making ERP available for all businesses, be it an SMB or an enterprise. ERP for everybody.

Full Disclosure: I work as a product expert at Frappe — OEM and maintainer of Frappe framework & ERPNext

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Jai Chavan


Aug, 15 2019


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