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Introducing ERPNext Version 5

By Anand Doshi January 9, 2015 Announcements 22 comments

Frappe and ERPNext Version 5 are taking its final shape and we have a new look too! For the first time, the ERPNext interface has been designed. From what started as a simple redesign brief has transformed into something really cool. Have a look:

Anand Doshi
Anand Doshi
"Anand is the Chief Technology Officer at ERPNext. He reads fiction, dabbles in photography and is always on the watch for the best ToDo app."
Deus November 19, 2018

Looks good and well though, basically, it's a good initiatives, Waiting eagerly to have it, Happy new year guys

Niyi Taiwo November 19, 2018

ErpNext has helped in restructuring how we run our business and we are proud of this product! Well done, guys.

robert November 19, 2018

Hi Mumbai, Looks great, loooking forward for final release robert

Ashish Desai November 19, 2018

Its seems to be AWESOME...!!! Good Work...!!! Cheers...!!! :)

Mdsajii November 19, 2018

Ya Its Look Super...

Aashish Tawde November 19, 2018

well done Congratulations!

suresh November 19, 2018


Rohit Gonsalves November 19, 2018

Awesome. Using ERPNext since last 4 months and very much impressed. Our company is going through ISO 9001:2008 audits and using ERPNExt for it. Soon write best of things and required things wrt ISO QMS. Great going guys. The consultant liked it, our accountatnt and stores personnel liked it. I liked it, Simple and great.

William Moreno Reyes November 19, 2018

Look great

I will suggest a Beta release so the ussers comunity can test V5 befero it es releasesd so we can help to improve the final release of ERPNext v5

Khalid November 19, 2018

Nice work guys. I appreciate your creativity. I hope also you did improvements on the functionality too (v.4 has some issues) or you focused on the look only?

Yashodhan Kulkarni November 19, 2018

Brilliant! Extraordinary!! Whole ERP experience just got more awesome..

Ankur Sethi November 19, 2018

nice work. i also want to implement ERP in my industry. i hope you guys approach me and help me with this.

Nishith November 19, 2018

Looks great, Should integrate like communications tools into it that would make it even more great to use.

Abhishek November 19, 2018

Good work. Would like to know more about your ERP and would like to understand the opportunity overlap in adopting your ERPNext solution.

You may connect with on my email id. Thank you.

Rahul November 19, 2018

Looks too good. Nice work.

CUR November 19, 2018

is the UI developed in javascript?

Samir November 19, 2018

A lot of work in UI. Good job guys!

Stefan Faustmann November 19, 2018

Looks very good. Go on, you're great :)

Avdhesh Sharma November 19, 2018

Simply Beautiful. Cant wait to try hands on.

Keshav Modi November 19, 2018

Looks Awesome - Brilliant Job !

Makarand Mahadeokar November 19, 2018

Simply simple - Great work!

Mike November 19, 2018

looks really cool - well done guys!

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