Launching Frappe School

Frappe School makes learning ERPNext and Frappe framework easy, fun, and effective! It has courses with videos, quizzes, exercises. Certificates are shareable and verifiable too!

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Frappe School

ERPNext, the world's best 100% open-source ERP, continues to grow. It is easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible. More than 5000 companies across the globe use ERPNext to manage their accounting, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, Payroll, and a lot more!

The ecosystem of partners, contributors, developers, and commercial service providers continues to grow too. We at Frappe, the maker of ERPNext, just hit the 100-employee benchmark this month. The GitHub repository of ERPNext has close to 10,000 stars now!

While the user manual provides the product description we needed a better medium to distribute the knowledge. Something that would help end-users, and project champions to learn and log their progress and was interactive and fun at the same time. Consultants and developers needed better resources so that they can help clients manage their complex businesses on ERPNext. Also, qualified and experienced consultants and developers needed a way to authenticate their credentials.

Enter Frappe School!

Enter Frappe School

Frappe School makes learning ERPNext and Frappe framework easy, fun, and effective! It has courses with videos, quizzes, exercises, and links to other relevant resources for further reading. It features both free and paid courses. Certificates are shareable and verifiable too!

Once we had the idea we did the first course with videos that we had published on YouTube earlier. The feedback was encouraging and we went ahead with the shooting of our first course on Introduction to Accounting. I wrote the scripts, Linet Sherin presented, Hrithik Mahajan shot and edited the videos, Jannat Patel built the app and Varun Pai helped with the design. Rushabh Mehta quality controlled and encouraged us to push the boundaries. Vrinda Menon volunteered to publish a course on ERPNext CRM and Faris Ansari authored a course on the Frappe framework. In the process, we formed a full-fledged team!

Our content partner Fafadia Tech published the ERPNext Manufacturing course. N0c0de, our other partner published a course on ERPNext Payroll.

Finally, here we are! Announcing the launch of Frappe School!🥳 🎉

Below is the list of courses that are live now.

  1. Introduction to ERPNext
  2. Introduction to Accounting
  3. Frappe Developer Tutorial
  4. Frappe Framework for Beginners
  5. ERPNext Manufacturing
  6. ERPNext Payroll

We have a number of courses lined up!

We hope this will help all the stakeholders and unleash the power of open-source software.

Exciting times ahead!

Basawaraj Savalagi

Basawaraj is a Lead Consultant at Frappe Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Wolfram September 18, 2021

Nice Work!

Sohel Pathan September 17, 2021

It would be really helpful to learn and grow with ERPNext and Frappe. Thanks to the entire team for catering the valuable knowledge by creating a learning platform "Frappe-School".

Anil S Bidve September 17, 2021

This is truly amazing. Thank you so much team

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