Frappe Incubator

Frequently Asked Questions

How are projects selected for funding?

Frappe Incubator aims to support 10 outstanding Frappe apps every year. To select the best projects, we will be screening the proposals based on

  1. Project idea

    • 100% FOSS

    • Built on Frappe Framework

    • Mobile apps on Frappe backend

  2. Project capability

    • Scope of work

    • Proof of concept

    • Any business plan you may have

  3. Applicant credibility

    • Years of experience in the open source community

    • Community contributions

How does the program go?

1. Pitch 🤝

Once you share your proposal which includes details like community contributions and other project details, we will schedule a meeting.

In this call, we will discuss the scope of the project proposed, the proof of concept shared, and the relevant milestone-based payments for the project.

To ensure the best projects are taken into the program, we would run a simple check on the applicant/team and the quality of previous community work with experience.

If your project is approved by the team, we go ahead and start working together.

2. Build 🏗

Once the milestone based payment terms are agreed upon, the payment would be processed as planned. While you build the project the way you want to, we will have your back with the design and marketing requirements.

To ensure the timely success of the project, we will hold weekly calls. During these performance review calls you will be sharing the progress made.

3. Launch 🚀

As we move closer to the launch of the app, we will work out the marketing strategy for the launch and finally publish it on Frappe Cloud Marketplace.

How does the program benefit the applicant?

Frappe Incubator will support the success of the projects in multiple ways:

1. Monetary help 💰

To kickstart the project, a grant amount of INR 10L or USD 10K will be provided. The payment will be released based on the milestones planned.

2. Design support 📐

While you build the apps, we will guide you through the designs for the product pages and website pages as per your requirement.

3. Marketing/launch support 🫂

From shout-outs on our social media handles and mentions in newsletters to listing your project on Frappe Cloud Marketplace, we will spare no effort in launching your app.

Please Note:- Frappe shall not be accountable for the marketing, launch or design and is only extending assistance to the Incubatee

What are the responsibilities of the Incubatee?

The Incubatee must build 100% FOSS on Frappe Framework. In case the Incubatee converts the product or any part of it as “proprietary software”, Frappe will revoke the funding under the program.

All the client sites created on the product by the Incubatee shall be hosted on Frappe Cloud & its marketplace. In case it is hosted on any other on-premise servers without prior written approval by Frappe, Frappe will revoke the funding under the program.

The Incubatee must conduct weekly standups with Frappe to review the progress of the product and ensure the performance is met as per the initial plan agreed between Frappe and the Incubatee.

How does the performance review work?

Every week the Incubatee and Frappe team members review the progress in the project. In case the performance is not met with expectation set in the agreed upon scope of work, warnings will be issued against the Incubatee. In case the issue persists, another warning will be issued.

Once 3 warnings are issued, Frappe has the right to immediately terminate/revoke the funding.

Who is the owner and maintainer of the developed application/tool?

The project funded under the Frappe Incubator program will remain the intellectual property of the Incubatee and will be an open source product in its entirety.

Frappe will be providing assistance and support in its product launch, design and marketing but the core- maintainers of the product will be the Incubatee.

What happens if the applicant wishes to terminate the project?

In case the Incubatee wishes to discontinue the project, a written notice 30 days in advance needs to be provided by the Incubatee. The product developed by the Incubatee will remain the intellectual property of Frappe and if Frappe successfully completes the project, the Incubatee will not be able to claim any part of the product as its intellectual property.

Furthermore, the official grant under the project shall be revoked/ terminated with immediate effect.

Who can we reach out for more information?

If you wish to know about the Frappe Incubator program you can write to us at