Hello, we are Frappe 👋

We build world class free and open-source software.

Framework and Apps

Our flagship products are our web framework Frappe which is a fully featured, low code framework, and the world's best free and open source ERP ERPNext. ERPNext helps companies from tiny startups to large enterprises and public bodies manage their operations from financial accounting, inventory management to payroll. Along with ERPNext we have built several other products on top of our framework and we continue to build more.

In case you are wondering, FRAPPE = FRamework + APPs :-)

Open source

From the very early days, we believed that software should be open source by default. Our code has been open since 2008 on first Google Code and then on GitHub. Open source gives us the ability to work with a diverse set of users, implementers and engineers to build a world class and robust ERP product. Being open source also means that it makes it very easy for people to discover and try our products, ensuring we don’t waste money on paid marketing.


More than just ERP, we love to work with technology at Frappe. We have built our own 100% open source cloud hosting and deployment platform, Frappe Cloud, to help us manage thousands of ERPNext instances with hundreds of custom extensions and apps. Frappe Cloud makes it easy for anyone to manage multiple Frappe instances with ease and install and deploy various apps from the marketplace.

For those who don't like the cloud, we are also buildling a desktop first accounting application, Frappe Books


We understand that implementating and deploying ERP systems requires attention and local presence and this is best done by local companies all over the world. We at Frappe are partnering with several local companies to help our customers implement Frappe products better by working closely with them to ensure high quality engagement with our customers. Along with our partners, Frappe School helps train thousands of experts and developers to build and customise on top of our technology.

Democratic Company

We believe that everyone who works at Frappe has equal rights. Even though people come with varied experiences and backgrounds, we believe that being human gives us all enough intelligence and depth to make us all equal. This is expressed via our values like transparency, and practices like choose-your-own-pay, sandwich organization structure and voting on all major team decisions.

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Back Story

Frappe was founded in 2008 when one of our founders needed to build an ERP system for his family business. In the early years our challenges were around just building a product and surviving. In 2010, after frustrating sales experiences, we decided to offer the product as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) and launched erpnext.com where we allowed people to sign-up and self-implement the product.

Road Ahead

While we have come a long way since 2008, we still have miles to go. We would like our products and services to be outstanding, our customers to become our fans, our team to be happy and secure and leave a positive impact on this world. We believe that our democratic way of working is our strongest asset and we would like to share this with the world. In 2020, we got backed by one of the best startups in the world and we believe that our best is yet to come. If you want to be part of this journey, we urge you to look at open positions.

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