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ERPNext Success Pack

A simple and affordable way to get started with ERPNext

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Are you looking for an affordable way to implement ERPNext with the right partner and budget?

We talked to a lot of small business and realised they face the same problem. Requirements are hard to capture and there are a variety of approaches to implement. From our experience of working with thousands of companies, we strongly believe that a no-frills implementation works best. This means skipping expensive planning and pre-sales.

Hence we are introducing Success Packs, a simple way to get started with ERPNext.

Self Implementer Starter Distribution Manufacturing HRMS Basics HRMS Payroll
Modules Generic Consulting on any module CRM, Sales, Project management, Support Starter + Procurement, Inventory Distribution + Accounting HR basic module HRMS + Payroll
Implementation Consulting 5 hours 20 hours 50 hours 50 hours 20 hours 50 hours
Training - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Configuration - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic Customisations - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Import/ Migration - Assistance Assistance Yes Yes Yes
3 months post go-live support - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price ₹ 10,000 ₹ 50,000 ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 1,50,000 ₹ 50,000 ₹ 1,00,000

Self Implementer

This plan is ideal for self-implementers who want to clarify doubts as they implement ERPNext on their own. This plan offers 5-hours of expert consulting to clarify any doubts related to self-implementation or version migrations.

5 hours



Starter plan is ideal for businesses looking for simpler modules like CRM, Sales, Project management and Support. This plan consists of a 20-hour consulting plan that offers training, configurations, basic customisations, aided data imports and 3-month post go-live support.

20 hours




Project Managemnet


This is meant for businesses who want to manage their procurement and inventory processes with ERPNext. This includes modules covered in Starter Plan. Setting these modules up requires more training and hand-holding.

50 hours


+ Inventory



Manufacturing plan is meant for companies who need a full implementation including any of the modules like CRM, Procurement, Selling, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Accounting. This plan offers complete data migration support from your current accounting or ERP system to ERPNext.

50  hours


+ Accounts


This is designed for businesses who want to implement basic HR modules such as recruitment, employee life cycle, holiday list, expense management, shifts, time and attendance. The plan includes full data migration support for employee data to Frappe HR.

20 hours



HRMS Payroll

The plan is meant for businesses who want to implement a complete HRMS solution with Salary payouts, timesheets, Payroll, Taxation & benefits, and more. This includes modules covered in the HRMS plan.

50 hours


+ Payroll

Please note that the Success Pack is exclusively available for customers subscribed to Frappe Cloud, a specialised cloud with managed hosting benefits. The pricing for Frappe Cloud hosting starts from ₹ 820/month.

Currently, the success pack is delivered by a select few Frappe partners working closely with the Frappe growth team. 

If you are a business with more complex needs requiring 3rd party integrations, custom app development, or have over 50+ active users, we encourage you to reach out to our extensive partner ecosystem for personalised demo, personalised quotation and implementation plans.

If you're not sure whether ERPNext is the right solution for you, feel free to register for our weekly live demo or watch product demos on Frappe School

If you have feedback or questions, email us at

Note: Success Pack offering is currently only applicable for Indian customers. We are working on bringing Success Pack for the Middle East, USA, Africa, APAC and Europe.