Open Day March 2020

What the Frappe team was up to in March 2020, when the world changed forever.

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Here is a quick update on the work done by the Frappe Team in March!



  1. Yet another monthly release. Tons of PRs reviewed by Nabin, Deepesh and others
  2. Anupam worked on Social Media module. Now manage your Social Media interactions from right inside ERPNext!
  3. Gavin fixed the biometric attendance tool.
  4. Rucha continued her cleanup of the Healthcare domain and added a new Rehabilitation module.
  5. NextChamp Saqib is working on a rewrite of the Point of Sale.

Frappe Framework and Bench

  1. Bench Verion 5 was released by Gavin!
  2. Chinmay added DockerSwarm support with Revant and fixed a bunch of Security Vulnerabilities.
  3. Suraj and Sahil fixed many minor issues for the monthly Frappe Framework release.

Frappe Cloud

Aditya and Faris putting on the final touches to Frappe Cloud (before release). We stayed on target for the first half, then went astray after the lockdown. Spoiler, its released now. checkout Frappe.Cloud

Frappe Books

Ever so closer to launch, Faris worked on the final design iteration.


  1. Akshita and Reema launched the first Frappe Academy (reboot) Video. Watch "Getting started with ERPNext" on YouTube
  2. Prasad released a new whitepaper on using a unified system like ERPNext against using multiple applications. Download them at
  3. Prasad made a cool April Fool's video about ERPNext AI 😅

In March we also welcomed Bhumika to our sales and support team! Bhumika has lived in Sudan for a long time, and is our first colleague who can speak fluent Arabic.

Download selected slides from the last open day - 79MB

Rushabh Mehta

Rushabh is a software developer and founder of ERPNext. He usually writes about the startup experience, open source and the technologies he is working on.

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R becht 4 years ago

Hi, I hope for the team that Frappe Cloud is going to be a game changer. Looks really an appealing offer. It is a very logical development. I would improve the website a bit...It is clear you target customers who host ERPNEXT commerically on a cloud service...but the pricing is not clear. Give some real world estimates for business owners eg a shop with the system used by one cashier 10 hours a day and 50 invoices. From reading the info on the website I have no clue how much I would pay for this.