Developers Talk from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference 2017 includes many live coding session in which new features were developed from scratch and contributed to the core repo

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ERPNext Conference is a yearly event where the ERPNext community members across the world get together, review what we did in the last one year, and what should we do next as a community.

Over three days of the ERPNext Conference 2017, we had extensive discussion on the future roadmap of ERPNext, and what are our responsibilities as community members. Some of the members also shared their stories about implementing ERPNext in their organization. Click here for the detailed review on ERPNext Conference, 2017.

Rushabh Mehta, ERPNext Monolith and Open Source Software's History

Why Better Together? Learning from the open source software movement and where it stands today. It helps us define the roadmap for ERPNext, making it work for everybody. Let us not fragment ourselves into apps, but stick to monolith ERPNext, a software for all your business needs.

Achilles Rasquinha, Frappe Framework

Newly joined to the Frappe Team, Achilles was delighted to share his experience of the Frappe Framework so far. With memes driving his presentations, Achilles takes his viewers on a journey on how he discovered the Frappe Framework.

Faris Ansari, ERPNext Dashboard

Faris introduced the gathered to Frappe's simplistic yet robust UI Framework. He provides an exhaustive demo of how one can go ahead to create a customised dashboard with even more customised views.

Prateeksha Singh, Frappe Controls

Prateeksha provides a LIVE session on how one can create any customised Frappe Control that thereby happens to have a customised DocField too. She attempts to create a Bar Code Controller that is now integrated with the core.

Saurabh Palande, Server Management at Frappe Technologies

"...if there is something strange on your server, Who you're gonna call?"

Saurabh, the caretaker for everything online helps viewers to recover from system crashes by debugging a live instance on stage. He also provides some of his best practices on Server Management and Data Safety and Recovery.

Ameya Shenoy, Frappe Bench Manager

"The command line is scary" - says Ameya for users who fear to view the matrix on the terminal screen. Giving more thought to the problem, Ameya provides an insight into his solution the Bench Manager - a GUI for the Bench Command Line Utility. Right from initialising a bench instance to backups - the Bench Manager has it all!

Rushabh Mehta, Frappe Portal

Rushabh challenges the NCPA by not just recreating their website portal but also providing a complete Booking Management and e-Commerce integrated with it, that is almost production-ready - all in 30 minutes or less! He achieved this by using - you guessed it right - the Frappe Framework.

Faris and Prateeksha, Data Migration Tool

Prateeksha was delighted to introduce the Data Migration Tool - a mapper between various database schemas to Frappe's Database API. Faris then went on to provide a detailed demo of the Data Migration Framework by providing a neat example of how issues from GitHub can be migrated to one's site - all with minimal Lines of Code.

Nabin Hait, Contribution Guidelines

Nabin, the humble software maintainer, explained the gathered about the inner workings of Frappe's Translation API and how one could help verify unrecognised or faulty translations. He also details the viewers on helping to contribute to Chart of Accounts module and how developers can help creating localised modules for ERPNext. He provides a complete manifesto to be followed when contributors submit a Pull Request.

Umair Sayed

Umair is Frappe's co-founder, VP - Partnerships, and mentor for Frappe School team.

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