Also called Sliced Diagrams

Another family of charts, the aggregation charts accumulate the value at a data point across the multiple datasets.

The data format stays the same, with single or multi datasets.

Pie chart

Perhaps the most well-known representation of data slices are Pie charts:

type: 'pie'

Donut chart

Donut chart is a variant for Pie charts:

type: 'donut'

Percentage Charts FTW

Pies have received some criticism for data perception; we are much better at parsing sizes in a single dimension rather than an area. That's why, the much leaner percentage chart can come in handy:

type: 'percentage'

Limiting the slices

When there are too many data values to show visually, it makes sense to bundle up the least of the values as a cumulated data point, rather than showing tiny slices. This can be done by defining the maximum number of slices to be shown.

maxSlices: 7,

Configuring percentage bars

Some attributes of a percentage bar can be redefined; like its height and the depth of it's shadow.

barOptions: {
    height: 15,          // default: 20