• The Site doctype shows a list of all the sites in the current bench instance.
  • Inside each individual docname of the Site doctype one can find 3 clickable buttons.
    1. Migrate
      • This button emulates the bench migrate command.
      • It applies schema changes and data migrations if any.
      • Migrate should be run after you pull updates from any Frappe app.
    2. Backup Site
      • This button backs up the site with all the files ie. it emulates bench update
      • By default the sites are backed up with all the files
    3. Install App
      • On clicking this button a ui-dialog pops up where one can select and install any app onto the site.
    4. Uninstall App
      • Lets you uninstall an app from the site.

Delete a site

Install app on site

Uninstall app from site

Backup a site

Migrate a site

Reinstall a site