Bench Settings

  • This is a single doctype whose main purpose is to peruse your bench instance and load all the necessary config onto the related doctypes such as App, Site and Site Backup.
  • The Update button emulates the bench update command and updates all the installed apps.
  • The Sync button does the following functions.
    • Reads your bench instance, greps and loads all the backups onto the Site Backup doctype.
    • Reads, greps and populates the Site doctype with all the existing sitse in the current bench instance.
    • Reads, greps and populates all the installed apps in the App doctype.
  • The Bench setting doctype also displays all the config parameters in the common-site-config.json which is applicable to all the sites in your bench instance.

Edit Common Site Config

Create a New Site

Sync all your Sites.

Update Bench