Bench Manager

Bench Manager is a graphical user interface to emulate the functionalities of Frappe Bench. Like the command line utility it helps you install apps, manage multiple sites, update apps and much more.


Create a new site called bench-manager.local and install Bench Manager on the site.

$ bench new-site bench-manager.local
$ bench get-app bench_manager
$ bench --site bench-manager.local install-app bench_manager

Update Bench Manager

In frappe-bench directory execute:

$ bench update

What can you do using this app ?

  • Update bench
  • Backup your sites
  • Install/Uninstall apps on your site
  • Restore Backups on either existing sites or new sites
  • Create new apps and sites

App Catalogue

There are 5 main doctypes associated with this app.

  1. Bench Settings
  2. Site
  3. Site Backup
  4. Bench Manager Command
  5. App