Changemakers Workspace

Frappe Changemakers

Frappe Changemakers is basically a Beneficiary Management System. It helps non-profit and social organisations to manage their beneficiaries and track services provided to them. Although, it was developed for a specific use case of managing a Homeless Care Programme, it can be easily customised to fit any generic use case in which services are being provided to someone in need.


Beneficiaries, At The Heart.

The Beneficiary DocType is central to every other DocType in the system. It contains all the information regarding the Beneficiary, the person to whom the services will be provided.

Track Your Cases, With Ease.

Cases (or Tickets) power the core workflow of identification and fulfilment of the need. A case can be assigned a type (like Food, Shelter etc.), priority and more.

Rescues, In The Field.

Rescue DocType can be used to track in-field rescue operations. The Geo-location field can be used to set the exact rescue location by the Field workers.