The Frappe Newsletter - September 2023

October 4, 2023

Hey, there 👋

September was abuzzed with all the excitement around our annual event, “Frappeverse 2023,”- which turned out to be a great success!

We met over 600 enthusiastic participants this year and were thrilled to stir conversations with our community members in person who traveled across the borders. New product/feature announcements and Frappe business talks kept the excitement alive, and so did the good food with networking sessions. 😉

Some highlights from Frappeverse 2023

Rushabh kicked off the event with a most intriguing piece on his journey of creating Frappe and witnessing its growth - all these with a simple yet powerful idea of embracing simplicity and freedom, not only in the product but also in how people are involved. Here’s another piece he penned down, compiling his reflections from Frappeverse 2023.

We also took a moment to celebrate the incredible contributors within the Frappe community. Have a look at the list here!😄

Here’s a montage of all the highlights at the conference:

The V15 announcements and the engineering approach

The team shared the upcoming V15 updates for Frappe Framework and ERPNext, which are all set to launch later this month in October. These updates are engineered to give you an app that's not only highly stable and scalable but also prioritizes your business's growth and security needs.

Here’s an interesting read by Ankush, where he talks about ‘Reducing Memory footprint of Frappe Framework.’

Taking a drift towards Frappe Cloud in the later part, the FF team discussed its vision and the engineering skeleton, which is now powering our enterprise plan. Check the live session for Frappeverse 2023 - Day 1 here to know more in-depth.

And to add to the excitement, we are also coming up with a Revenue-Sharing program on Frappe Marketplace. 🙌

Frappe HR is prepping to go live on your mobile

Rucha made the big announcement on the FrappeHR front for the upcoming mobile app.🚀 This mobile app is designed to have a delightful UI with a snappy UX, which will make it more convenient for HR professionals and employees to stay updated with HR related details on the go. The launch is scheduled for November. Stay tuned for this exciting one.

Labs - newer products in Frappeverse:

1. Faris spoke about his moment of joy when looking at a “pixel-perfect button” that directly translated into the journey of design being an integral part of Frappe’s engineering. Following this, he unveiled our new design system, affectionately named “Espresso.” Check it out here.

2. “Why are people not so excited about completing courses as they are while enrolling for them?” Well, Jannat is here to tackle this issue head-on with the upcoming batch of new features in FrappeLMS! We aim to make the app the ultimate open-source LMS choice with a user-friendly interface. Stay tuned for the next version release this October! 😃

3. Next up was Saqib, talking about how Frappe Insights came into the picture to address our internal data accountability concerns and how, now, it stands strong to compete with the generic BI tools available in the market. Try the app for yourself now.

4. Frappe Books, an experimental desktop accounting app now witnessing a 40% MoM user growth, is all set for seamless integration with an 'offline POS with ERPNext' under Alan’s ownership, making another day bright for accounting beginners.

5. Sabu took on to the stage to reflect on the rebirth of Helpdesk and how he was reborn along with it as its new product owner trying to make world-class products that are easy and accessible to everyone. The good news is that Helpdesk is now powering our own Frappe support portal. Check the app here if you are also looking to integrate a similar system into your organization.

6. Arjun unfolded Frappe Drive, one of our newer additions to the products of Frappeverse. Frappe Drive is a simple tool that will help make file handling and team collaborations easier. You can upload, manage, and share files with your team and collaborators.

7. Frappe CRM is now a separate app having its own identity that will help the sales folks streamline their sales processes and make them even more productive. Shariq completed this project in less than 2 months using the powerful Frappe Framework, and he can’t stop talking about the same.

8. Suraj unveiled the first look for Frappe Builder, a visual webpage builder that is of course, completely open-source. Have a look at it for yourself here without us elaborating on it more. Suraj is working on refining the app to ensure it's as stable as can be, with plans to officially launch it in January next year. Keep an eye out for more updates.

9. Hussain from #BuildWithHussain also took center stage to talk about the evolution of his role at Frappe from being an engineering intern to today being the Product evangelist, having a YouTube channel with more than 1.13K subscribers in a mere couple of months. Keep a tab on his website here for the upcoming episodes so you don’t miss out on them. He even conducted an in-person Frappe Framework training just two days before the kick-off of Frappeverse 2023.

Business at Frappe through the ecosystem

At Frappe, business is not just about numbers and transactions; it's about making a meaningful impact. We're all about building relationships and fostering innovation, whether it's through our implementations or the learning journey through Frappe School. Today, we proudly serve 120+ countries with 12+ products and over 20,000 users. Our business team shared their journey of reaching this far of success on stage. Here’s an account from Umair where he describes the evolution of our annual conferences over the year.

You can catch the Day 2 stream to learn more about our business approach and how we've helped our customers improve their business experiences.

Read up on this blog by Michelle to understand how we use our own apps to excel in our business operations.

Here's a snap from the Partner summit we hosted just a day before the conference

P.S.: We welcomed 10 new Frappe partners to our partnership program in September.✨

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That’s about September!

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