The Frappe Newsletter - November 2023

November 30, 2023

Frappe Newsletter November 2023 Greetings from Frappe!

We trust your Diwali was as joyous and secure as the celebrations at Frappe. In the essence of a Green Diwali, our team indulged in a Potluck feast coupled with a drumming workshop that ignited high spirits within the team.

Now let's dive into the exciting highlights we've curated for you this month!

Let’s Learn ERPNext

Embark on the 'Let's Learn ERPNext' journey with ERPNext experts Dharmesh Chitroda, Hussain Nagaria, Sayali Yewale, and Dipen Gala.

Let's learn ERPNext E1

From foundational aspects to comprehensive module explorations, each interactive episode brings you closer to understanding every feature, module, and process in ERPNext. Join us for hands-on sessions and effortlessly master ERPNext, completely free of charge. You're invited to share your queries in the YouTube comments, which we'll address in our live streams.

Set a reminder for the premiere episode on December 13th by clicking the bell icon here.

ERPNext and Frappe Framework v15

Did you catch the version 15 updates? If not, get a summary of the latest ERPNext features, performance enhancements and how to upgrade to version 15 here.

For more details check out the Github releases for ERPNext and Frappe Framework.

Frappe Framework

Though v15 is out, the team is working to bring you more features and robust performance updates already! Currently available in the Nightly version and soon to debut in v15:

  1. Customization of link field filters without code, simplifying Doctype customization and making it effortless: Link

  2. Scheduled email dispatches ensure precise communication management by enabling users to send emails at specified times: Link

  3. Refined link field search relevance elevates search result performance, streamlining user experience: Link

  4. Attachment functionality in unsaved documents resolves previous constraints, allowing for smoother data entry and document management: Link

  5. Speedier bulk email sending accelerates mass communication: Link

  6. A more polished Form Builder interface ensures a smoother user experience and additional stability: Link

  7. Background processing of list view bulk actions amplifies multitasking capacity, efficiently handling numerous documents simultaneously: Link

Frappe Cloud

Version Upgrade Through Frappe Cloud Dashboard

You can now upgrade your site app version directly from the 'Updates Tab' on your dashboard without the need to create tickets. Similarly, seamless site migration options are available, including:
1. Move site to another bench
2. Move site to another region
3. Move site to another server

Not only that, users can now track the duration and frequency of requests within the dashboard’s analytics tab. This feature enables the analysis of resource-intensive requests, so you can make informed decisions in optimizing resource allocation effectively.

Frappe Cloud Dashboard Analytics Tab

Quick Lab Product Updates

  1. HR - We know you are eagerly waiting to get your hands on the upcoming mobile app! Join the live mobile app launch with Rucha Mahabal on 1st December. Don't forget to hit the bell icon.

  2. LMS - In Frappe LMS, you can now add PDF and audio files to your lessons. In your quizzes, you can also add marks to each question and set a passing percentage. Read this blog post for more details.

  3. Insights - Apart from the docs being up-to-date once again, there's a significant overhaul in the query builder set for release by the month's end. Check out the documentation and details here.

  4. CRM - In addition to the fresh interface, customization options have expanded. You can now incorporate custom fields and tailor your CRM Lead and Deal Page according to your specific business requirements. Additionally, explore the ability to customize list view columns.

Frappe School

Our ongoing ERPNext and Framework training batches have garnered positive feedback and we're grateful for the registrations received from respected government organizations.

Moreover, we're delighted to announce that Frappe School has now welcomed over 22,000 users. Your support truly fuels our dedication to providing quality services.

Frappe School crosses 22000 users

Welcoming new Partners

This month, we welcomed 12 new Frappe Partners across many countries - Winspire Tech Private Limited, Pinnacle Finserve Advisors, Computer Port IT Solutions, Piesol Private Limited, Algoware Techworks, MobiWork Vietnam Technology JSC, Envision Enterprise SPC, Ruti Services Company Limited, LS RDC NH, Asal Solutions, Samsoft IT Solutions LLC and Cv kode sumber.

Connect with our Partners or become one and evolve alongside us.

Frappe Events

Frappe, alongside partners Craft Interactive Technology LLC and Quark Cyber Systems, organized Frappe Local in Dubai to engage with the local ERPNext community of 70. Discussions revolved around diverse subjects such as open-source technologies, Frappe Framework, ERPNext, UAE localization, and more!

Frappe Local Dubai 2023

Stay tuned for upcoming Frappe events and engagements by visiting: Frappe Events.

Speaking of which, mark your calendars for Frappe Local Delhi 2023 (in partnership with Dipane Technologies) on December 7. If you're in Delhi and eager to connect with the local community, gain insights from their experiences, and learn about the successes of local customers firsthand, this event is not to be missed!

Build with Hussain Highlights

Hussain concluded the Merch Store series, an enriching playlist on creating an Online Merchandise Store App using the Frappe Framework. Watch it here. Additionally, introduced the inaugural episode of #BWHforFOSS: Chatwoot with Shivam Mishra. Also, presented the creation of a Whiteboard App using React, Doppio, and Tldraw in Episode 23.

Watch out for the upcoming episode on

Reader’s Corner

Delve into the story of Nabin Hait, as he shares his journey from being an IT student to an integral part of the Frappe team filled with challenges and triumphs.

Also, find out why Rio Innobev and Precihole Sports switched from Tally to ERPNext. See how ERPNext made a big difference, improving their business management. Explore how it helped them grow and handle different needs better.

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