The Frappe Newsletter - December 2023

December 29, 2023

Frappe Newsletter December 2023

December is mostly about the winter breeze, tying up the year’s goals, and getting into the Christmas spirit. At Frappe, we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with some fun DIY activities like decorating the office, unleashing creativity on canvases, and crafting what I hope were adorable strawberry snowman treats.

Frappe Christmas 2023 Frappe Christmas 2023Frappe Christmas 2023

ERPNext and Frappe Framework v15

For those diving into the v15 upgrade, we’ve got some resources for you! Check out our blog post summarizing the v15 features in ERPNext, tailored for our eager readers. If videos are your jam, we've curated a version 15 playlist showcasing some cool features.

Seriously, if you haven’t explored the benefits of this upgrade yet, where have you been? Here are the links for ERPNext v15 and Frappe Framework v15. Go, go, go – check them out now!

Let’s learn ERPNext

This month, we aired three episodes of our educational ERPNext series, and the turnout was heartwarming! In case you missed out on the basics, catch up with these episodes:

And guess what? Dharmesh and Hussain are gearing up for the next live session! Subscribe to @BuildWithHussain and hit the bell icon to stay in the loop.

Frappe Cloud Expansion

Exciting news! Frappe Cloud has expanded with new Data Centers in KSA and UAE, acknowledging the significance of Zatca in these regions. These data centers are geared to empower businesses and meet compliance requirements.

Frappe Cloud in KSA and UAE

News from the Frappe Lab

Frappe Builder is coming!

Get ready for a fresh start to the new year with the launch of Frappe Builder on 1st Jan. Join us for the live launch and witness the transformation of website creation!

Frappe HR

The Job Portal received a makeover with revamped UI/UX and additional functionalities, allowing for more detailed job postings.

Frappe HR Job Posting

Just like the performance feedback summary you now get a more comprehensive interview summary with average ratings for skills, a detailed feedback timeline along with several UI/UX improvements in the Interview feature.

Frappe HR Interview Summary

Frappe Insights

  1. The table widgets on the dashboard now feature pagination and inline filters (screenshot below)
  2. Introducing a new Pivot Table widget that enables you to create pivot tables
  3. The new version v2.0 (with a ton of improvements) is set to be released in the first week of January 2024

Frappe Insights Pivot Table Widget, Pagination and Filters

Frappe LMS

Moderators can now configure Day view for batch timetables, simplifying usability. And this view will be the default view on mobile phones and small screen sizes.

Frappe CRM

  1. You can now capture deeper lead insights with the introduction of first response tracking via the new SLA feature in Frappe CRM.
  2. Additionally, you can assign multiple agents to a Lead or Deal while one agent remains the Lead or Deal owner.
  3. You can also add custom action buttons on the Lead & Deal Page to perform an action relevant to your business processes.

Growing Ecosystem

December saw Frappe welcome 9 new Frappe Partners globally, bringing the total count close to 140! As the partner count grows, so do their initiatives to host local events in collaboration with Frappe. The Delhi Local event in December was a lively and interactive affair.

Frappe Local Delhi 2023

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Frappe Local events in Africa! Don’t miss Frappe Local Kenya and Frappe Local Tanzania on February 5 and February 8, 2024, if you're in or around the area.


This month, Hussain covered a special guest lecture with ERPNext expert, Umair on accounting basics. If you need some knowledge of accounting and ERPNext, this is the video to watch!

And for all the developers out there, catch a live session on December 30 at 6 PM IST to delve into SQL Essentials and Query Reports.

Explore more educative content, articles, and live coding sessions at

A Guide to Frappeverse

If you're not familiar with all our products, Rushabh Mehta's blog is a treasure trove—from the inception of Frappe Framework to the latest Frappe CRM, it covers everything you need to know about our products.

As we bid adieu to December, let's step into the New Year with enthusiasm and unwavering determination. Stay tuned for more developments, enriching content, and events from Team Frappe. Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year ahead!

Team Frappe