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September 7, 2023

Hey there!👋

In the recent month, our primary focus has been on giving quizzes more flexibility and streamlining the evaluation process right from your classes.

Before we get into the updates, a special shout-out to our new users.🎉 We always aim to give a smooth start with our app, and to kick things off on the right foot, here are the first set of videos you will need to get going.

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Show Answers

In the quiz, the learners were able to see the correct answers after attempting every question. Some of our users wanted more flexibility and the ability to reveal answers only at the end of the quiz. Now, when you create a quiz, you have the power to decide how answers are displayed. You can simply toggle the 'Show Answers' option. If you enable it, users will see the correct answer after each question. But if you prefer to keep it unchecked, users will only see their final score once they've completed all the questions.

When it comes to developing features for any of the Frappe products, customization always takes center stage, and we have continued to prioritize it with this one too.

'Show Submission History' for quizes

We have introduced a handy new feature for quizzes that brings more transparency to the submission process.

Previously, the learners could submit a quiz multiple times if there was no 'Max Attempt' limit set. However, they couldn't access any information about their past submissions. But now, we have introduced the 'Show Submission History' option in quizzes.

When this option is enabled, learners can easily view all their previous quiz submissions after each quiz attempt. This is a good way to track progress and learn from previous tries.

And that's not all – for instructors and moderators, we have made it even more convenient. When evaluating a student's quiz, moderators can also access the student's complete submission history. It's all about providing more insights and control for everyone involved in the learning process!


Learners now get to schedule evaluations directly from classes

On the progress page, students will now find a handy button that lets them schedule their evaluations. When they click on it, a dialog box pops up, allowing them to choose a course and a preferred date. Once they've picked a date, they'll see a list of all the available slots for that day. Students can simply select a slot that suits them and submit their request.

The best part is, the system records their request, making the process seamless and organized. But there's more! If the evaluator uses Google Calendar, a calendar invite is automatically sent to the student for that selected slot.

Set evaluators in Class-level

Earlier, one could only assign evaluators at the course level. However, we understand that courses can be part of multiple classes, each with its own unique evaluator. This could sometimes limit the evaluation process.

Now, you have the power to assign evaluators at the class level too! When you're setting up a class, you can easily specify the evaluators for that particular class, specifically against the course.

Here's the cool part: When a student schedules an evaluation and an evaluator is set at the class level, that designated evaluator will take charge. But if no evaluator is set at the class level, no worries – the system will automatically select the evaluator from the course.

We have got some more exciting features in the pipeline, and if you want to be one among the first to experience them live at Frappeverse 2023, secure your ticket now and join us for all the excitement!

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