A Quick Note for the Year End

December 25, 2019

Dear Friends,

It has been a chaotic year (and decade) for us here at Frappe & ERPNext. As the year and decade draws towards an end, firstly, a big thank you to all our supporters, our customers, partners, contributors, evangelists, well wishers for helping come so far. We are in this together.

Over the last year, we explored working with big companies (it was a pain) and understanding things from their perspective. The result is we have a lot more capability in ERPNext. We also expanded our team here at Frappe, and figured out how to meaningfully distribute work (it was a hard problem!). We also began working with Partners this year to help more people understand and use ERPNext. All our explorations has brought us back to our basic truths:

  1. Product is the key to everything.
  2. Small teams / individuals with clear responsibilities work better than large teams.

With this learning, we have realigned our goals to focus more on the product and less on the services. For customers requiring services, we hope to enable a set of partners who can help you implement and configure ERPNext to your needs. In the coming year, you can expect a much more polished and stable ERPNext and a bunch of amazing new products.

2019 has also been a year of protests for many countries in the world. The climate crisis is upon us and this has touched a nerve with young people all over the globe. We believe that free software reduces wastage and creates freedom for people, and it is the right way of doing business too.

In many ways, the journey has just begun, we look forward to your continuing support for years to come.

Stay safe, stay fit, fight for justice, consume less and wish you a great 2020 and beyond.

best wishes,
Rushabh Mehta

Founder and CEO

ps. We are bringing together the top open source projects in India at an event in Bengaluru on 18th Jan. Few tickets are still available. See http://indiaos.in for details