By Mitali Deshpande on April 14, 2020
While some E-commerce companies have their platforms which provide benefits like Loyalty configuration for their users, this allows the customers which are loyal to a specific company/website shoppings to redeem benefits for shopping on their further orders based on their expenses and purchases.

Let us understand how this is configured in ERPNext:

  • Create a Loyalty program in the doctype: You can set Single Tier or a Multiple Tier Program based on the slabs existing in the amount of Purchase that is done in ERPNext.

  • Once the loyalty program is set, you can create a Customer and link the Loyalty program to it.

Once this Customer is linked to the Loyalty program, you can now create a Sales invoice and redeem the loyalty points against the invoice and the amount will be adjusted against the slabs created in the program.

In the Sales invoice --> check the field : Redeem Loyalty points --> You can now set the Redemption account against the invoice. After submitting the invoice, you can check the accounting ledger.

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