By Anurag Mishra on June 19, 2020
Our system allows to Mark Attendance Automatically depending upon Employee Checkin records. There are some things you need to know:
  • First, You need to create or import Employee Checkin:
    • You need to set the Time carefully for log type IN and OUT.
    • For Log Type IN time should be greater than Shift Type Start Time - Begin check-in before shift time
    • For Log Type OUT time should be less Than Shift Type End Time + Allow check-out after shift end time.
    • Then only Shift would be mapped properly and your Checkin is valid.

  • Check your shift type:
    • After, That you need to set Process Attendance After (Attendance will be marked Only after this date)
    • Then you need to set Last Sync of Checkins (It is the time before which all the checkin will be considered. Note: If it is less then shift end Time then it will not consider that day checkin because it means that shift is not over yet)

  • Click on Mark Auto Attendance to check whether it is working

Note: As our scheduler will run the process to mark attendance automatically every hour. But after upload or creating check-ins you need to check your Process Attendance After and Last Sync of Checkins in Shift Type.

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