By Umair on November 14, 2017
In ERPNext, you can have exchange rates between currencies fetched in real-time. If you have agreed upon a standard Currency Exchange Rate with your party, you can also save that exchange rates.

Accounts > Setup > Currency Exchange

In ERPNext, saved exchange rates are also referred as Stale Exchange Rate.

In your sales and purchase transactions, if the field of Currency Exchange Rate is frozen, that is because the feature of allowing stale exchange rates in transactions is enabled. To you wish to make Currency Exchange Rate field editable again, then disable the feature of Stale Exchange Rate from:

  1. Accounts > Setup > Account Settings
  2. Uncheck field "Allow Stale Exchange Rates".
  3. Save Account Settings
  4. Refresh your ERPNext account
  5. Check once of the Sales / Purchase transaction

To make Exchange Rate field editable again, you will just need to disable the setting for "Stale Exchange Rates".

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