By Kenneth Sequeira on May 26, 2019
Currently for itemised taxation, you can try the following setup:

Create different ledgers as per Tax heads:

Next, add the taxes in the item master:

Create Tax templates (one for In-State and other for out-state)



NOTE: Be sure to update the rates of all the taxes to 0 in the Tax Templates.

  • When creating an order/invoice, select the appropriate tax template (either in-state or our-state) in the tax section.
  • This should automatically apply the taxes item-wise as per rate.
  • Creating different tax accounts for every rate is not mandatory. You can use the default tax accounts (CGST, SGST, & IGST) without mentioning the rates. By default it is set to 9%. Just be sure to set the rate column to 0 in the template.

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