Clubs @ Frappe

Here is a listing of various clubs at Frappe!

Book Club

For all those who love reading and discussing books (or aspire to be better readers!). The book club has reading assigments (usually a short story or few chapters of a book) and then meets once a week (Thursdays 6-7pm) to discuss them.

Writing Club

Have a call every Tuesday 6PM.

First Tuesday of the month - Discuss about goals for the month. It can be a blog post, a chapter or a scene of the upcoming book, or a chapter for course or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Last Tuesday of the month - Discuss/showcase your work.

Remaining Tuesdays - Discuss about how to stick with writing, overcoming writers block, sessions with published authors(some of our team members have published books), writing tips etc.

Money & Investing

Discussions on the economy, stock markets, investments etc. No regular meetings, just occasional chitchat.

Gaming Club

Those who are interested to play some fun games can join the channel on discord. We don't have a fixed day or date as to when we play the games but connect whenever people are available.

Just ping on the channel, someone will reply 😅

Anime Club

Discussions about anime. No regular meetings yet. Just occasional chitchat.

Music Discovery

Share the music you're listening to or recently discovered with your peers. All genres welcome.

FOSS United

Sister org to Frappe. Active TG groups chatting on FOSS, Tech and occasionally politics!