Global Search

In the version 8, the Awesome Bar of ERPNext is not just a tool for quick navigation. 
We have made a lot more powerful by adding Global Search feature. 
Now it can search for specific keyword and shows all the related documents in the search results. 
You can also customise the fields based on which search will be shown.

Kanban View

Kanban Board offers yet another view of documents.
It allows you to identify a field based on which documents will be categorised and viewed together. 
You can also add more columns directly from the Board. It gives you the flexibility 
to update values from Kanban Board itself. Commenting and assigning is also possible from the view.

Document Versioning

Now the system maintains all the changes of a document with the information of user and timestamp.

Delete and Restore

In the earlier version of ERPNext, the deletion was a permanent action. 
Now, we have introduced a new doctype "Deleted Documents", all the deleted documents 
are stored in this table. It is also possible to restore a deleted document later.

Email Inbox

In version 8, we have introduced an Inbox view for the communications or emails.
It has all the basic features of an Email Client. It has different directories like Inbox, Sent Mails, Trash and Spam emails.
You can mark an communication as Read / Unread or spam. You can forward an communication 
to other persons, add the email id into your contact list.
There is an option for creating Issue, Lead and Opportunity directly from the Communication.

Enhanced POS

Based on community inputs, we have enhanced the POS feature.
Now, POS has a dedicated numeric keypad to ease the calculations. 
Customer can be added or modified directly from the POS screen. Items can also
be filtered based on Item Group. There are many more small enhancements like these.

Employee Loan

This feature enables a company to manage employee loans.
Employees can request loans, which are then reviewed and approved.
For the approved loans, repayment schedule for the entire loan cycle can be generated 
and automatic deduction from salary can also be set up.

Multiple UOMs in Selling

Currently, you could create sales transactions for an item in its stock UOM only.
But now, you can have different UOM for selling an item.
For instance, if you have a pencil for an item, then you can store it in Nos and sell in boxes.
This feature was already available in the purchase cycle, and not extended to the transactions in sales side.

Accrual system in Payroll and Expense Claim

Accounting of payroll and Expense Claim based on accrual system is a global system.
Now, it is also possible in ERPNext as well.

Custom Permissions

In the earlier version of ERPNext, customisation made using Role Permission Manager
was updated in the doctype masters itself. This doesn't allow us to update default permissions 
of the Doctype from a backend. To resolve this, we have introduced a new document Custom DocPerm.
Now, all your customised permissions will be saved in a Custom DocPerm.

Dedicated roles for Report and Page

Till now, permission on reports was assigned based on permissions on the reference Doctype
that report was linked to. There was no option to define roles and permission for the report and pages specifically.
In version 8, you will be able to define permissions for each Report and Page master as per your requirement.

Customer Feedback

Feedback is a very valuable information to any company as it provides with insight 
that can be used to improve the quality of the services.
We have added a Feedback feature that will allow you to ask a customer to rate your service.
You can configure Feedback Trigger, just like we setup an Email Alert.
Customer's Feedback will be updated in the relevant.
You can also check Feedback Rating report for daily average rating and trend.

Hence you if receive a feedback request against an Issue, please share your experience by responding to it.

School Assessment Module

Student Assessment is very important to track student's progress. You can define assessment rules in your ERPNext account 
and create Assessment plan. And then Assessment Result can be made against the plan.

Newsletter Enhancements

In the new version, newsletter can be sent to multiple email groups. You will also be able to send 
the attachments with the newsletter. Unsubscribe link is optional now.

New Calendar and Date Picker

Get a more crisp view of calendar and events. Date picker also has been updated in the version.

Summernote Text Editor

We have also integrated Summernote text editor in the ERPNext. It has many tools to create better texts.

Export report in Excel format

Reports can now also be exported in Excel format.

Some Minor Enhancements

Replaced autocomplete with awesomeplete

Optimised the logic of GL Entry reposting for future stock transactions

Half Day leave can be marked now while applying leaves for multiple days

In Purchase Order, get items from material requests based on possible supplier

A dedicated page for marking Student Attendance and Monthly Attendance Sheet report