Table Name: tabContact


Sr Fieldname Type Label Options
1 contact_section Section Break
fa fa-user
2 first_name Data First Name
3 last_name Data Last Name
4 email_id Data Email Address
5 user Link User Id User
6 cb00 Column Break
7 status Select Status
8 salutation Link Salutation Salutation
9 gender Link Gender Gender
10 phone Data Phone
11 mobile_no Data Mobile No
12 image Attach Image Image
13 contact_details Section Break Reference
fa fa-pushpin
14 is_primary_contact Check Is Primary Contact
15 links Table Links Dynamic Link
16 more_info Section Break More Information
fa fa-file-text
17 department Data Department
18 designation Data Designation
19 column_break_17 Column Break
20 unsubscribed Check Unsubscribed


Class Contact

Inherits from frappe.model.document.Document

autoname (self)

No docs

get_link_for (self, link_doctype)

Return the link name, if exists for the given link DocType

has_common_link (self, doc)

No docs

has_link (self, doctype, name)

No docs

on_trash (self)

No docs

set_user (self)

No docs

validate (self)

No docs (doctype, txt, searchfield, start, page_len, filters)

No docs

Public API
/api/method/ (contact)

No docs (doctype, name)

Returns default contact for the given doctype, name

Public API
/api/method/ (contact)

No docs (doc, method)

Update contact when user is updated, if contact is found. Called via hooks

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