By Basawaraj Savalagi on April 9, 2019
Code written to fix urgent issues are generally merged to 'hotfix' branch. You may need these changes to be deployed in a server. Below are the steps to deploy. Go to the application folder( ex: frappe-bench/apps/erpnext) and run below command to check if the 'hotfix' branch exists.

git branch

PS: since you're most likely in vim, to exit type


If not fetch it from Github repo by running the command:

git fetch upstream hotfix

Then run below commands:

git checkout hotfix
git pull upstream hotfix
cd ../..
bench setup requirements
bench build
bench restart

NOTE: It is best that both ERPNext and Frappe apps are running on the same branch. So if you're deploying the hotfix branch on either apps, be sure to change the branch of the other app too.

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