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ERP implementations are hard. It is not only about the software, but the organization change management that needs to accompany a major project like an ERP. At this point, you not only need the right software, but the right time by your side, with the right attitude to help you make this transition. At Frappe we have built an amazing team of ERP consultants that will guide you through your ERPNext implementations. Over the years we have the collective knowledge of having worked with more than one thousand companies over the last 15 years.

Agile Implementations

Like software development, Frappe has evolved an agile implementation system. Instead of going waterfall, we move into a continuous implementation process which will help you reach your goals iteratively and with much lower risk.

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With experience of over 100 implementations, our consultants know what is best

“We have got all the required help from ERPNext. The only struggle they faced initially during the implementation from Teabox was reaching the nitty-gritty of accounting. Thankfully our Frappe Consultant had a good understanding, it was a smooth ride. We have recommended ERPNext as a product and team, whole, to a few people and they loved the idea behind ERPNext. There is great potential if ERPNext starts with a 360-degree solution for medium-sized enterprises that are on omnichannel, which can integrate all the channels (manufacturing + order management + inventory management), plugins play product, which currently they are trying to route through unicommerce. We wish the team a beautiful future ahead.”

Kausshal Duggarr, Teabox