Productive, Safe and Friendly

We aim to ensure that our team members can have a meaningful, challenging and fulfilling experience.

Honesty, quality, clarity in thought and communication are our core values. We value quality of the work and believe that honesty is above everything else.

Since Frappe believes in self-driven and result oriented work, we do not measure the input of timings or the number of hours an employee has worked. No in-time, no out-time, just come, give in your 100% and complete your work. After all it’s the hard work of an individual that will contribute to their growth and success. This also enables an employee to maintain his work-life balance, they can enjoy their fullest not only at work but also at home with family.

We do not cut pay when an employee takes leaves, even if the allocated leaves have been utilised, but prior intimation is required.

Frappe does not tolerate bad behaviours. The #MeToo movement has shown us that how widely prevailing bad behaviour is and why it is really important for companies to cut bad behavior. Here employees are treated with fairness and equality irrespective of the gender, caste, religion, race, etc. The company has an internal sexual harassment committee which looks after cutting down of such behaviours.

Maintaining such culture is hard and we intend to do it right.

Ketan Desai
Ketan Desai, VP - Partners and Alliances
"Working at Frappe is a new experience everyday, and you can take control of execution and what needs to be done to deliver. We are open source from every perspective and we take pride in sharing our knowledge and experience. We are very young and a talented team and are working together to help small and medium organizations take better decisions by using applications like Accounting, CRM, MRP, HRMS and much more, it is called ERPNext!"