Share and Collaborate

Open source is at the heart of everything we do. Sharing and collaboration makes us all learn and improve faster.

Open Source

Open source, that’s the essence of Frappe and what we do here. Both the Frappe Framework and ERPNext are developed in public on GitHub. This means that the code written to develop the product is absolutely free for all. You can use this code to create your own tool. You must be thinking - Why Open Source?

We believe that open source is a great platform for budding developers to contribute to a greater cause, i.e. collaborate as a team to scrutinise the software, refactor the code, build it, develop a community where all voice out their opinions. The outcome - developing and improvising a brilliant product for future. As much as it’s the author’s code, it belongs to the very people using it too.

Every year we have a conference where all the members of the community be it developers, users or service providers come together to discuss the features, how to improve, discuss the future of ERPNext collectively. Apart from the conference, community interacts with each other through GitHub issues, pull requests, our forum and chat.


We believe that in an open world, everyone wins ultimately and not just a few people who publish software and those who have resources to buy it.

Open source is also part of what we call "responsible capitalism". Instead of trying to capture all the value we create, we recognise that what we have gained is also due to the sharing done by a lot of people. In the same spirit, we believe that by sharing our source code, knowledge and time, we are creating a positive vibe that will help everyone in the world become better.

Jai Chavan
Jai Chavan, Consultant
"Frappe is open in every sense of the word, be it our world class, open-source product or our work culture. Self-motivated work with diligence is one of our core values. Remote working is encouraged at Frappe. Time is of the essence to us, why invest it in travelling!? As long as your deliverables are met, it makes no difference to us if you're at the cubicle or on a mountain top with high-speed internet connectivity. The metric for performance is measured in the amount of innovation and risks you're willing to make, not how many hours you've spent typing code or making notes at your desk! And no, you don't have to be crazy to work here!"