Stop Using Windows XP

That sophisticated security system won't be of any help if you keep the door unlocked.

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That sophisticated security system won't be of any help if you keep the door unlocked.

According to Google Trends (partial data), 18% of users worldwide still use Windows XP, a decade old operating system. Most users don't care to upgrade, as they are able to continue with their work1.

Some of you are under the impression that an anti-virus program, a firewall and a spyware detector or that full-featured security suite makes your PC, an impenetrable fortress. Yet, people are tricked to install compromising programs every day, aka. spyware and malware.

Software is only as secure as its known security issues and the priority at which these are fixed. Why would Microsoft prioritize fixing XP, when it has its hands full with Windows 8?

Want to try out a test? Just go to Start > Run > type "regedit". You will be able to see and edit all the registry entries, that work as the configuration of Windows XP. If a local user can edit such an important part of the operating system without any password, so can a remote user. Think about it. Still not convinced? Purchase a new hardware and chances are, it won't support Windows XP.

Some organizations implement rules to disable access to USB ports, so that users cannot steal their data. It is very easy to enable them again. This blog explains how to do just that2. Further, I am surprised to see a lack of such awareness in financial institutions, when their data can be used for nefarious activities. Have you been to a bank lately? It is likely that they are still using XP.

Windows XP was a successful product of an era when was at its infancy, the iPod was considered revolutionary, Mozilla's FireFox browser didn't exist and people designed websites around Internet Explorer. It was not made to fulfill todays security requirements. It is high time that people upgrade to a newer version or use free open source alternatives.

Be warned, it may stop working when you need it the most.

Windows XP



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Windows XP becomes old and many versions are launched. Windows 7, 8, and now 10 one of the most used versions. The internet has updated and security is the biggest issue while Windows 10 is the most amazing security feature itself.

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Upgrading yourself is good for you to maintain your life with the latest trends. I been upgrading myself accordingly to the trend that what people are following. I have left using Windows XP since ages and now have moved to windows 10 after using 7 & 8.