CLI to Manage Frappe Deployments

Bench is a command line tool that helps you install, setup, manage multiple sites and apps based on Frappe Framework.

Bench CLI

Multi-tenant platform to install and manage Frappe apps

Create a new Frappe Environment

You can have multiple sites along with other Frappe Apps, like ERPNext on one bench and have different versions of Frappe, and Frappe Apps across multiple benches on the same server.

Create and Manage Sites

Alter the state of your sites on the go. Run migrations, move sites in and out of production, debug using the IPython console or using interactive database connections, even expose your development setup using ngrok!

Manage Updates

Update all your sites with a single command, set up your apps, build static assets, and a lot more using a single command!

Production Setup

Setup battle-tested configurations for NGINX, Redis and Supervisor that will be production-ready for your multi-site server.